A Grandfather’s Love To His Grandchild

grandfatherIt’s not uncommon that many people, my age, grew up without a father. My parents got divorced when I was four, and since then, I have never seen my father again. I’m sure there are many reasons why my father chose to be absent in my life. Whether the reasons are justifiable or not, there was no hatred instilled to me by my mother or any of my relatives.

My grandfather, the only male figure in my life, has definitely taught me to forgive. My relationship with him is one of the gems of my life. Since my mom did have all financial responsibilities, most of the emotional support that a father should provide to their children, came from him.

When I was 17, he gave me a lecture on dating. That evening, he took me out to dinner and showed me how a gentleman should act and how a lady should respond. He told me that every father should teach their child the proper “dating decorum”. It was too old-fashioned in my taste. But the moment was sweet. I will never forget that day when he showed me how a father should love their child.

After the years of love, lectures and sermons from him, here I am today, seeing him grow older. His health is starting to deteriorate, and he has lost all of his teeth – which makes him look cute, in my opinion. But seeing him grow old so fast breaks my heart. Though he suffers from arthritis, he’s still a very active and talkative man.

One morning, as I was out to get his pain relief medication, he asked me if he could come with me. I could tell that his joints were in pain, but he still managed to come down the stairs and jump in the car. We reminisced the days when I didn’t know any better and he would come and rescue me before my mother finds out what I’ve done. We laughed so hard, he was almost out of breath! Then I had an epiphany.

Growing up without a father didn’t bother me at all. I realized that it was all because my grand dad was there every second of my life, supporting me through good and bad times. Everything happens for a reason, and I knew then and there that my grandfather couldn’t have done a better job. He was the perfect father figure to me.

On our way to the store, we both became silent. I saw him smiling and still short of breath, and I thought to myself, I owe a lot to this man. And I know, I’ll never have such a strong and loving relationship, like he and I have. I feel very lucky, blessed and honored to have grown up under his guidance.

I was fortunate enough to share my everyday life with my grandfather, but not everybody has this kind of opportunity. Never forget to tell your grandparents how thankful you are for what they’ve done in your life.

How A New Supplement Curb Your Cravings For High-Calorie Foods

newseventsimagesA new emerging supplement promises to switch off cravings for high-calorie foods on the brain. It is believed that if a person eats a type of powdered food supplement, it can minimize cravings for high-calorie foods like pizza, cupcakes, and chocolate.

A new study suggests that this new supplement, which was made of a molecule produced by bacteria in the gut, is really beneficial. A group of scientists from Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow requested 20 volunteers to consume a milkshake that contains either an inulin fibre or an ingredient called inulin-propionate ester.

Stomach hunger and mind hunger are two different things. The former is like a one-line analog phone while the latter is similar to a high-end mobile phone with all the high-tech features.

The mind hunger is not important when it comes to survival. Actually, many scientists greatly discredited the premise that food cravings are human bodies’ ways of nagging people that they need a specific kind of nutrient. That is, unless one thinks about chocolate chip cookies, bacon, and macaroni and cheese to offer valuable nutrition.

In general, people crave foods with high calories and fats because the brain thinks it is necessary. Sweet, salty and sugary foods release opioids into the bloodstream. Opioids are attached to the brain and give the feelings of pressure and even a very mild euphoria. In this way, a human body, at temporarily, gives thanks for ingesting a box of doughnuts or slices of pizza. This effect, contained in the fat of red meat, might be one of the reasons a person may encounter some ordeals maintaining a vegan lifestyle.

Studies in the past have shown that the bacteria release propionate (a compound) when they digest the inulin fiber, which sends a message to the brain to curb appetite. However, the inulin-propionate ester supplement releases more propionate release in the intestine compared to inulin alone.

Results of the study

The volunteers who participated in the above study underwent MRI scan after drinking the milkshakes. They were shown with images of many different kinds of low or high-calorie items like fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, salad, pizza, cake, and chocolate.

The team of the scientists discovered and identified that when the participants drank the milkshake with inulin-propionate ester, they had less activity in the parts of the brain associated to reward. But this data is only limited when looking at the high-calorie foods.

These portions called the caudate and the nucleus accumbens, located in the center of the human brain, have formerly been linked to food cravings as well as enthusiasm to long for a food.

Furthermore, the participants had to rate how tempting they found the food items. The outcomes showed that when they consumed the milkshake containing the inulin-propionate ester supplement they rated the high-calorie items as less interesting.

In the 2nd part of the study, the participants were given a bowl of pasta with tomato sauce. They were asked to consume as much as they can. This part of the study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’s July edition. When the volunteers consumed the inulin-propionate ester milkshake, they ate 10% less pasta compared when they consumed the milkshake with inulin alone.

Previous studies

The same team did an earlier study. It was published 2013. In that research, they discovered that overweight participants who added the inulin-propionate ester supplement to their meals every day gained less weight over the six months. The results were comparable to those volunteers who only added inulin to their foods. It was a big revelation that motivated the scientists to conduct more studies. It provided a glimpse of hope to those who are overweight and obese. Having a supplement with such amazing features will help millions of people to make healthier options.

The senior author of the study of the Department of Medicine at Imperial, Professor Gary Frost, mentioned that their previous findings demonstrated that people who consumed this type of ingredient gained less weight.

Unfortunately, they cannot figure out the exact reason for such event. This study is supplying the missing pieces in the puzzle. This also reveals that this kind of supplement can decrease brain activities in the areas of the brain linked with food rewards. At the same time, it helps limit the amount of food they consume.

Professor Frost also added that consuming sufficient amount of fiber to naturally generate same quantities of propionate would be tricky and hard. The quantity of inulin-propionate ester incorporated in this study was 10 grams. The previous studies showed increases the production of propionate by 2.5 times. To get the same result from the fiber alone, a person needs to eat approximately 60 grams every day. At this moment in time, 15 grams is the average in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Claire Byrne, of the Department of Medicine made it clear that using inulin-propionate ester as a food ingredient might help you thwart weight gain. Is this is added to foods, it could diminish the urge to eat high calorie foods. Moreover, the gut bacteria of some individuals may naturally make more propionate than others. This may be the reason some seem more naturally inclined to gain weight.

The co-senior author of the study, Dr. Tony Goldstone, added that their study adds to their earlier brain imaging studies in individuals who underwent gastric bypass surgery to address obesity. These explain that changing how a person’s gut works can alter not only the appetite in generals. Also, it changes how the brain reacts when they spot high-calorie foods, and how tempting they consider the foods to be.

The author of the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre at the University of Glasgow, Dr. Douglas Morrison, said that they developed the propionate ester to explore and examine the function of propionate made by the microbiota in the health of humans. This shows clearly that signals created by the gut microbiota are essential for food choice and appetite regulation. This also clears the cloud on how diet, the gut microbiome, and health are inevitably connected to our understanding of how nourishing out gut bacteria with dietary fibre is imperative for healthy living.

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and National Institute for Health Research Imperial Biomedical Research Centre supported and funded this study.


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Trying Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

garcinia-cambogiaWhat can be worst than looking at an imperfect image on the mirror. Most of the gorgeous dresses on display in the shop window were clearly not meant for me. So at last, I decided to take a bold step and do something about my obesity. I wanted to try something that would have positive effect and at the same time come without any side effect. It was then a friend of mine, Kara Smith who came to my rescue. She told me about a food supplement that she thought might reduce my 104 kg.

Following her instructions, I opted for garcina cambogia supplement. What I initially tried to experiment with soon started showing desired result. It is a fruit belonging to the family of mangosteen. It is a native of southwest India, Myanmar and Indonesia. The red or the yellowish fruit has been in use for a long time to limit appetite and stop weight gain.

As per the instruction of the nutritionist, I started taking it on a regular basis. To my utter surprise, I started to gain energy besides losing weight. My family and my friends are astonished to see my perfect figure now. The credit I certainly give to garcina cambogia for bringing me back my lost confidence. Now my son wants me to accompany him to the baseball practice and my husband too wants me to come with him to his office parties. It is definitely worth giving a try.

The anti-oxidant content is very high, which combats fat and also reduce the effects of aging. As a result, I look younger now. For best results, it is advisable to take the supplement under the professional guidance of the dietician. Garcinia cambogia is t be avoided in certain medical situation like pregnancy etc. otherwise this is extremely safe and beneficial for everybody.

I would like to share my beautiful experience with my friends. For few years, I was suffering from inferiority complex because of my increasing weight. I am just 35 years of age but for my weight, I looked more like a man in his late fifties.

While surfing the internet, I suddenly came across Garcinia Cambogia food supplement. Initially I was too skeptic of using it for adverse side effects. But later realized that nothing can be worse than my 97 kgs. Now I can boldly say that those out there who are eager to reduce the weight and desire that attractive abs this is your ultimate chance.

Of course, it would be wrong to acclaim this as mere weight loser, but also an energy booster. In addition to that, the super diet formulas of Garcinia Cambogia food supplement serves to suppress the hunger level. Since it is equally suitable for men and women it would be advisable to pay a visit to the dietician before starting with a full course of this supplement. It is not a medicine.

The food supplement brought about superb results and my entire physique became impressively muscular. People turned their heads and my neighbors were just too full of questions at my sudden loss of weight, that too without much exercise. I was not required to do any heavy exercise or workout to lose my weight. Garcinia Cambogia made the process very easy without having to change my routine.

It is recommendable for all those who are lacking confidence because of obesity. Follow my path and try this food supplement. You may believe my words or just go for a trial and see the result for yourself. This nutritional supplement works at different levels to not just reduce weight, but also to enhance proper functioning of the body.